What we do - GASS - Grameena Abyudaya Seva Samsthe

  • Community based rehabilitation and development for the people with disabilities [health, education, livelihood, social participation and empowerment].
  • Promoting the empowerment of women through community based organization and socioeconomic development, legal aid and counselling, women’s helpline [counselling, preventing violence, abuse etc], microfinance and skills training.
  • Child Line [rescue and rehabilitation and sheltered homes for the trafficked children, midday meal scheme, institutional care for the children with intellectual, multiple and severe disabilities].
  • Organizing health camps for the elders and people with mental health issues and other chronic illnesses.
  • Organizing capacity building and awareness education for preventive and promotive health and other kinds of social development.
  • Collaborating with resource institutions and facilitating referral services.