By: gassadm
Dec 22, 2014

Triveni – now a rich cum happily wedded housewife!!!!

Was brought to the Swaadhaar hostel where there were other helpless women. She was not yet 18 but had run away with somebody and got wedded to him. She was brought to us by the police. Her parents had launched a complaint in the police station. Her name had appeared in the newspapers. Her parents were called for counseling. They were asked to take her back. They did not because she who was her father’s second wife’s child had run away from home. She was not taken care of by her biological mother because she had brought disgrace to her family. She did not want to study and was therefore enrolled in vocational training sessions. She picked up vocational skills very well – she makes wire bags, paper covers and stars and is engaged in tailoring. She picked up tailoring very well. Then somebody from the town who owned a gold shop liked her and proposed to her. So her aunt and uncle were called and they refused to pay for her wedding. Then her elder brother said he would provide the money for her wedding and got her married to the gold-shop owner. The shop owner’s previous wife had passed away. He did not mind marrying this girl. She is living her hubby in Bangalore very happily and she keeps visiting the hostel.