By: gassadm
Dec 22, 2014


Sushmita a girl of 13 came to us via a police referral and joined our hostel- she has been counseled at our hostel. Initially she did not know which town she was going to and just climbed a bus and came to Doddaballapur. Police at the Doddaballapur town station brought her to our hostel. When she was counseled she refused to open up. Because she was 13 years she was given a CWC registration at the Bangalore Rural District Child Welfare Committee. She was admitted into a school in 5th standard. She had no problem. We made her study until 7th standard. Before getting into 8th standard she said she had her parents who lived at the nearby town. We went there to Chikkaballapur but we didn’t find anybody there. In 8th grade when she had to go she was admitted into a different high school. The books were supposed to be bought and the school gave a list. GASS bought all the required books for the child. She then said she wouldn’t go to school and that she would not study. She said she had adoptive parents and that they would take care of her. Then GASS approached the Police station which in turn approached the CWC and her adoptive parents came and then the GASS workers once more went to CWC with the counselors and her adoptive parents. They took her back. Then they started torturing her once more. Then she came back and the adoptive parents were called once more and they revealed that she had an uncle and aunt at Channaviranahalli. The adoptive parents gave the uncle and aunt’s address to GASS. The child was taken to Channaviranahalli for a home visit because her uncle and aunt were there. And they refused to take care of her. Then she was brought to the hostel at GASS. Then she gave up studies. She is being trained vocationally. She has a brother but he is under the control of her aunt and uncle. He has no power in the family and so is not allowed to take care of her. She found the GASS hostel to be a very safe place. She refused to go home and we kept her. She is doing very well at vocational training. She makes bags, stars, paper, sambaar powder etc.


when we come across cases like these we can’t help but wonder what would have happened to them if there had been no Swaadhaar hostel. Sushmita is blossoming. We are planning to get her married as soon as she turns 18. Conclusion- what would have happened to her if there had been no Swaadhaar hostel? – We thank the state government for making such a wonderful facility for her. And for all the affected women and children at the hostel.