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Our very successful stories!!!!

Shantala – A Case In Point:

Her father was the Late Sanjeevappa and her mother is Mudhamma. Shantala is aged 21. She belongs to Gedare of Gauribidanur Taluk.


She is the 2nd daughter of Muddhamma. Her mother works in capacity of a coolie. The mother couldn’t take care of her as she needed to work for her daily wages. If Shantala were to be left alone at the house she would be troubled by nasty people in the locality. Also there was the possibility of sexual harassment. So the mother visited us and said ‘please take care of my daughter.’ Later the Community Based Rehabilitation Worker brought her to our hostel.

Problems That Shantala Had When She Came Newly To The Hostel:

she had problems with activities of daily living. She lacked social skills. She wasn’t educated – she possessed no general knowledge-she couldn’t tell the name of her mother or her address or the city from which she came. She did not possess vocational skills.

The Plan Made By The Therapists At The Hostel When She Came Was As Follows:

  • ADLS were to be taught i.e., toilet training skills, dressing skills and walking
  • She was to be taught domestic activities such as cleaning the floor, washing vessels etc.
  • Education- we planned to teach her concepts like numbers, money, shapes and letters of the Kannada alphabet.
  • We planned Cultural and Sports activities for her.

Changes We Observed In Her Ever Since She Came 8 Years Ago Have Been As Follows:

She performs her own work like going to the toilet independently and also involves in helping other children wear their dresses, taking them to the toilet and teaching them to clean themselves after defecating, dressing up other children and helping them wear their clothes. She takes children to school and brings them back from school. She performs activities of house work like vessel washing, cleaning the floor, picking other people’s clothes, folding them and putting them into their respective trunks.

Education- she has acquired the number-concept. She identifies numbers 1 to 10. She writes her name, her mother’s name and the name of the town where she originally came from. She participates in sports competitions at the Zilla level, State level and National and International levels. She won a gold medal from Australia. She used to work outside too and was involved in performing domestic work but now she performs the same work at our hostel and is paid very well.

Our not so successful stories!!!!

Nagarathna i.e. Rathnamma is the case; her mother’s name is Nagalakshmamma. The client is 36 years old. Her Village is Gundlahalli in Belamangala Hobli in Doddaballapura taluk in Bangalore Gramantara Zilla [rural district].


Severe Intellectual Disability


Nagarathna‘s father died and HER mother was supporting her through hard labor-work. Her youngest sister was married and her elder Brothers were also married. Her mother and she stayed together. The Mother is an aayah at the local Anganwaadi. Nobody can take care of her since they have to work and are living away from the rest of the family. This child couldn’t be left alone at home. SSA workers told her mother about the hostel. The Mother admitted the child to the hostel because of this. The child had problems with daily living skills and speech problems and did not mingle with others. She was socially withdrawn. She did not know house work. After coming to Samarth-Partho home she has been trained to perform domestic work as also work involving basic cleanliness. She can wash her clothes, does sweeping and swapping and dish washing on her own. She does not possess vocational skills. The family doesn’t care. She is not able to engage in any cultural activity. She doesn’t take part in activities involving group work, works when she has the mood and not otherwise. An Individual rehab plan was made and she was supposed to be taught ADLS [activities of daily living and skills] and the short-term goals planned for her included training in toileting, grooming, household jobs and up-keep of health, social skills as also training in social adjustment. Long term goals planned for her were Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy [gross motor development activities, vocational, sports and cultural activities]. So her physical health improved as per one of the short term goals and so was toileting achieved. She learned to perform individual work and to wash her clothes. She doesn’t socialize with everybody and is moody. She doesn’t like anybody except 1 or 2 people. She hits people if forced to socialize and throws objects at them because she hates socializing with people. Sometimes she does all work single handedly and is not troublesome at all. But she doesn’t change clothes very often and doesn’t bathe either. She doesn’t watch TV; doesn’t involve herself in recreation and cultural activities. The long term goal of speech acquisition was not achieved because of reluctance to participate in social activities but she’s very good at household work. She washes vessels, sweeps the floor very nicely and is very moody. She is still in the hostel. Now we make a list of all the tasks she likes and dislikes and teach only what she likes learning. We have a rehab plan and therapy plan for her and are still implementing it. She doesn’t have a family to go back to. Her mother is very, very old. So this child stays at the hostel.

Case study

Manjunatha Rao aged 14 years. His Father was Muniswamy Rao. His Mother was Lakshmi Baii


He was born in Gauribidanur Taluk, Mylaganahalli. His mother died after he was born. His father too was mentally retarded. This child was very hyperactive and epileptic. He was given Gardinol Sodium for Epilepsy and Risperidone for hyperactivity. His grandmother used to take care of him. The Fits kept coming and disappearing. He was harassed by others of his age. So he threw stones at them and chased them and hit them. GASS’s CBR workers found him out and met him first in 2009 and were asked by his grandmother if there was any hostel. The CBR workers brought him to Doddaballapur and admitted him. Short term and long term goals as also an individual rehab plan were made for him. This comprised speech therapy, physiotherapy, daily living skills as also integrated education [IED]. The child knew nothing about going to school. He was profoundly intellectually impaired – scared of cinema, cultural activities and nature visits. He was admitted to school and created a big rumpus about going to school. He was involved in Special Olympic sports. He has obtained a medal – silver medal. He is not picking up daily living skills or responding to individual rehab very much. He does not like changing clothes and washing his face and is violent when we try teaching him. Medically his epilepsy came under control. He is very adamant and violent and throws things at people or bites when angry. His Speech has improved quite a bit. ‘Naanu’ ‘neenu’ ‘hogalla’ ‘baralla’ ‘illa’ are the words he utters. He is being given psychotherapy. He’s been sent back home to undergo psychotherapy and he will soon be brought back.