By: gassadm
Dec 22, 2014

She got married before she was 18 and did so without her parents’ knowledge. Her father gave a complaint saying his daughter was missing. So the girl’s husband left the girl at the rural station. Then she was brought to the GASS hostel. She had fallen in love with this man for 1 and a half years – his name was Murali. Because the girl had married before she was 18, a case was booked against the boy by the girl’s parents. The boy went to jail because of the FIR [First Information Report] filed by Ramya’s father. And she refused to go to her father’s house. Her father said he would get her married to another man but she refused to go home to her father because she loved her husband who had been to jail for her sake and wanted to marry him alone and her father wasn’t really in agreement with this. The hubby was let out on bail as soon as the girl turned 18. Then he remarried Ramya. But the girl keeps flirting with other boys. The hubby is very, very, good. She came to visit the hostel only once after her legal wedding.