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Husband and wife getting counselled by GASS at length!!!

Husband and wife getting counselled by GASS at length!!!

SANTHVANA – Mahila Sahayavani with the support of Women and Child Department, Bangalore Rural, Govt. of Karnataka works to address domestic violence to help women in distress. It started from 06.07.2002. Mahila Sahayavani was initiated to help women in distress in the community. Vulnerable women are known to experience several problems on the background of marital discord, marital disharmony, sexual harassment and other social problems.
The centre provides counselling, legal support; facilities to exercise women’s rights and possible avenues of redeeming their distress through free legal aid and other support systems in the community.

  • 1274 cases have had their grievances redressed and 1265 of these families are united.
  • 4 women have got Free legal aid support, 1265 have a shelter and 22 women have been provided vocational skills training.
We require funds for
  • Human Resources i.e. volunteers can opt for counselling.
  • Vehicle required for protecting and rescuing women during the day and at night.
  • Furniture like tables, chairs and cupboards are required.
  • Primary medicines and health check-ups need to be funded with donors’ support.
  • Legal counselling.
  • Food and clothing.
  • Economic support to start self employment or vocational skill training.

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