SDPO - GASS - Grameena Abyudaya Seva Samsthe


Group photo of SDPO meeting held at GASS after capacity building program.

Group photo of SDPO meeting held at GASS after capacity building program.

The SDPO was initiated in 2014 with the support of CBR Forum with their partners working with the disability sector in 5 districts of Karnataka. The aim of the project is that DPOs should get registered, function independently and address the needs of DPOs. The total number of people who have been benefitted by the SDPO project in our 5 districts =
4966. The total number of men reached = 2956 .The total number of women reached = 2010


  • Created a platform at the state level to advocate for rights.
    Strong leadership among people with disabilities promoted to fight for rights.
  • A core committee has been formed with 13 active leaders with cross disabilities and the core committee has a gender balance.

We require funds for

  • The training and strengthening of DPOs.
  • Capacity building of DPOs.
  • To meet the concerned officials from the government departments.
  • For the Adalaths to run.
  • To discuss issues and prepare memorandums and letter combines to be given to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, etc. for correspondence.
  • To conduct rallies.
  • To consult with other NGOs and train them.
  • Capacity building of Block level Federations.
  • To contact media like newspapers and television wit case studies and for calling them to act upon an issue.

Support this project

Activities by SDPO

  • Capacity building of DPO leaders
  • Addressing state level issues with government departments