Diabetics Program - GASS - Grameena Abyudaya Seva Samsthe


Diabetes camp being conducted to check sugar leve of camp participants.

Diabetes camp being conducted to check sugar leve of camp participants

The goal of this project is to prevent or manage Diabetes. The care of persons with Diabetes in the catchment area started with collaboration between GASS and Aathreya Vascular foundation, Jain hospital Bangalore. GASS is reaching out to the Diabetic patients, to prevent disability in the affected individuals by providing care regularly in the community as well as educating them regarding the condition.
We conduct Community based Diabetic weekly camps whose main activities include

  • Scanning of the foot to identify arterial blocks.
  • Blood sugar estimation.
  •  Diabetic Education.
  • 33, 004 people were diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • 97, 802 people were screened to check for Diabetes.
  • 15, 000 people have attended our Diabetes prevention and management camps.
  • 15 NGOs and 240 volunteers have been trained in identification and prevention of Diabetes.
  • Pilot project had been experimented at GASS with the support of Handicapped International to prevent disability.
We require funds for
  • Diabetic footwear for people in the villages who cannot afford the cost on their own.
  • Medicines to control Diabetes which can be distributed among the rural population.
  • Glaucometer and other equipment for Diabetic check up.
  • Volunteers can opt for Survey of the Diabetic population.
  • Sensitometer to check the sensation in the feet.
  • Doctors can volunteer their services for conducting the eye, heart and kidney check-ups.
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