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Community mental health project.

Community mental health project.

The community mental health program was initiated with the guidance of Dr. R. Srinivasa Murthy and Dr.K.V. Kishore Kumar, Psychiatrists from NIMHANS, Bangalore after formal training to GASS staffs in mental health care in 2001. This project was supported by Basic Needs India. Till date, 2470 people with mental illness have been treated, rehabilitated and benefitted through this program.
As the project was completed with basic Needs India in the year 2009 GASS managed to provide services to persons with mental illness through CBR program. Again in the year 2014-15 Basic Needs selected GASS as the first social franchisee of Basic Needs but currently there is no funding for Mental Health. During this period 700 persons with psychosocial disabilities were identified.
GASS was supported by the Erach Roshan and Sadri Foundation for a year but the funding came to an end. We need a supporting hand to continue the program.


  • 40% of the PWMIE have stabilized and 30% of them are working and earning and being productive members in their communities and families.
  • GASS has provided different types of trainings for various groups regarding symptoms of mental health problems and 2470 people have been identified as having mental illness and sent for treatment.
  • The strong advocacy was conducted with the health dept by the PwD federation and as a result the Taluk hospital now has free medicines and treatment being given to the PWMI.
  • 40% of people with mental health problems are made free of their symptoms and 30% of them are continuing with their work on a daily basis.
  • 1123 people with mental illness are enrolled in self help groups.
  • 373 PwDs with MI have been given disability certificates and are availing government schemes.
  • The community is free of superstitions and wrong beliefs pertaining to mental illnesses by 40%.


We require funds for

  • To reach out more rural poor people affected by psychosocial disability MHD project needs support to continue the Basic Needs Model.
  • 180 doctors from PHCs, 400 ANMs and 3600 ASHA workers are in need of being trained with regard to mental illnesses and mental health problems.
  • 410 PWMI are in need of medicines that are not to be found in government hospitals.
  • In all zillas there is need of day care centres for the wandering mentally ill people.
  • We are in need of voluntary services from psychiatric doctors, counsellors and students of psychiatric social work/other related disciplines pertaining to mental illness.
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