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Lakshmi - A child with a breathing smile- The childline helps many such children!!!

Lakshmi – A child with a breathing smile- The childline helps many such children!!!

On 2015 Child-Line project was initiated by GASS as a Child-Line Sub-Centre in collaboration with CHILDLINE INDIA FOUNDATION.
The 1098 child helpline works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Its intention is to protect children who are being exploited and reach out to any child in difficulty at any point in time.

  • 12 cases of children with one or more of the above mentioned problems who contacted us via telephone number 1098 have been reached out to.
  • Awareness programs have been conducted for 200 children.
  • Conducted International Anti-Child Labour Day during which our procession went all around the town.
We require funds for
  • We require additional funds for all of the above mentioned activities.
  • We require vehicles to rescue children in the night.
  • Infrastructure for short stay protection home.
  • Educational support in the form of books, bags etc for orphans.
  • Volunteers for documentation of the work with children.
  • Furniture for children to use.
  • Immediate responses to 1098 Child Line phone call.
  • Creating awareness regarding children’s rights and rights protection.
  • Collaborating and networking with the government and non-government organizations in the context of trafficked children, abused children, child labour, new law 2012 [POCSO].
  • Referring children to the CWC – Child Welfare Committee.
  • We re-enrol school drop outs into schools.
  • We free children who work as child labourers.

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