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Midday Meals

EX MLA Narashima Swamy fedding children with Midday Meals – and during inaugration

This program started in 2007 and its objective was to provide nutritious food and reduce malnutrition in children and bring about an increase in school admission and retention. Mid Day-Meals program was initiated with the support of Government of Karnataka to prevent drop out and to support rural students to continue their education.

GASS provides mid-day meals to 20 schools for 6000 students.


  • To improve enrolment and attendance.
  • To improve retention rate.
  • To improve child health by increasing nutrition level.
  • To improve learning ability levels of children.
  • To bring about social equity.
  • We reach out to 6000 school going children in government-run-schools by means of providing them with free meals in the afternoon on all days of the week except Sunday.
  • GASS  reaches  out  to government and aided schools from 1st standard  to 10th standard 3 Days every week the Ksheera Bhagya Yojana works to provide milk  for the school going children.
  • Govt has checked and inspected the quality of food and found it to be very clean and good. These govt food checks shall be continued.
  • The amount of money that the government is giving is not enough for nutritious food.
  • The government provides no equipment, no facilities such as vessels, no salary for the cooks, no money for cleaning the rice, no money for the construction of the kitchen.
  • GASS prepares food in its own kitchen and supplies it to 6500 govt. School-children every day.
  • Schools don’t have the food containers to store the food and to serve quality food to children.
  • The organization is in need of a Steam Boiler to cook rice as per the Mid-day meals scheme. The project aims to support the purchase of best food containers and steel plates for each child and a steam cooker to cook rice to serve quality food to children.
We require funds for
  • To provide nutritious food a matching grant is required.
  • Adequate Funding is desperately needed.
  • Huge vessels are required for cooking.
  • We also require huge vessels to prepare Sambhar and containers [to carry rice and Sambhar to schools so as to be able to preserve the nutrition in food] and other utensils like the sieve and the rice draining vessel.
  • For schools we need to provide plates and tumblers.
  • The schools have minimum facilities to store the food and we have very few big vessels in which food can be delivered.
  • But these vessels are not suitable enough to keep the food nutritious and hot until it is served,So we are requesting our donors to purchase quality food containers made with quality steel for us.
  • Each container has a capacity to store food for 50 children. These containers will be kept in the school and one set will be sent to the NGO to carry food.
  • Midday meals scheme of GASS makes me confident and enables me to concentrate on my work as my child is guaranteed a full meal in the afternoon alongside education.
    says Gangamma – the mother of a child.
  • GASS is one of the very few institutions that ensure good quality of the food consistently
    says the District Level Health Inspector.

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