Abhaya Home - GASS

Women’s Help Line and Swaadhaar Hostel for women.

Swadhara centre

Women inmates of the Abhaya Home [SWADHARA PROJECT] sharing their problems and experiences with each other.

GASS runs a shelter home at Doddaballapur with the support of Govt. of India to provide shelter, safety and security to vulnerable women experiencing several problems with a background of marital discord, marital disharmony, sexual harassment and other social problems. It started in the year 2002.

The major facilities provided in this scheme are counselling, home visits, medical assessment, free residential facilities, vocational training and job placement for self reliance. Children also stay along with their mothers in the home and continue their education till their parents settle the family problems. Police department also refers women for night stay at the home.

  • 359 Women and 136 Children have benefitted from this program.
  • Vocational training – handicraft tailoring, computer and Masala items like ‘sambhaar’ powder. No of Women benefitted from vocational training is 89.
  • 47 Job placements for women who have become self sustaining and earning.
  • Women rehabilitated and sent to their families are 309.
  • 83 Children of these women are enrolled in schools.
  • 13 women became self reliant by taking a house of their own and living independently with their children.
We require funds for
  • Building for a hostel for these women
  • Land for these women to have their own infrastructure.
  • Human Resources i.e. volunteers can opt for counselling.
  • Vehicle to take women to hospitals and for other emergency work like going to courts and police stations since it is a residential home.
  • Furniture like tables, chairs and cupboards are required.
  • Primary medicines and health check-ups.
  • Legal counselling.
  • Food and clothing.
  • Economic support to start self employment or vocational skill training.
  • Support for children to study.

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