Our Achievements - GASS - Grameena Abyudaya Seva Samsthe

Community Based Rehabilitation


  • 4584 PwDs have been reached out to.
  • 48 people have undergone corrective surgery.
  • 285 people have been provided with assistive devices.
  • 550 children have been enrolled into schools.
  • 240 are provided regular therapeutic support.
  • 450 people provided daily living skills and therapy support.
  • Self employment has been facilitated for 1720 people.
  • Open employment has been provided for 345 people. 2100 people are employed totally.
  • 78 DPOs formed.

Samarth Hostel


  • 167 children and adults with severe disabilities have been provided respite care and rehabilitation.
  • 15 children with severe disabilities have been provided technical as well as academic education.
  • 5 children with severe disabilities have been employed.
  • 2 persons with intellectual disabilities won Gold Medals in Special Olympics in New Castle Australia.

Diabetics Program


  • 18004 people diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • 15000 people provided with treatment and diabetes counselling.
  • 15 Women’s Self Help groups given education on prevention and management of Diabetes.

Mental Health Program


  • 200 People living with Mental Illnesses(PWMI) identified and treated and rehabilitated.
  • Ensured availability of free psychiatric drugs at the PHC level.

State Disabled Persons Organization


  • Created a platform at the state level to advocate for rights.
  • Strong leadership among people with disabilities promoted to fight for rights.

Women’s Helpline

2111 cases have had their grievances redressed and 1088 of these families are united.
Free legal aid support, shelter and vocational skills training have been provided.
Voices –‘without the legal education and support from GASS women’s helpline we would have lost our daughter who was deceived by her husband and her in-laws’ says Mr. Kumar father of a girl called Meenakshi.

Akshara Dasoha

We reach out to 6000 school going children in government-run-schools every day.