By: gassadm
Dec 22, 2014

Hasina – was a resident of Vinayaka Nagara – Doddaballapur. She fell in love with Chen Pasha for 7 years and both of them got wedded against the wishes of their family. After marriage they have been together for 6 and a half years. They have a male child and a female child. For 3 months after marriage they led a very nice life together. After that they started quarrelling with each other. Because they had married against the wishes of their parents, Hasina thought it would be a disgrace to go back to her parental home and she therefore bore all the pain. The hubby Chen pasha was torturing her physically and mentally and hitting her. Hasina was admitted to Victoria hospital and was taking rest after treatment, hubby hit her again and she had wounds on her body. She was mentally tortured. So she is being treated for mental illness in the Doddaballapur Manasa hospital. Hasina’s brother Baba Jaan with the help of Anganwadi workers came here to GASS Saanthwana Kendra and registered a complaint and the family counselor and social worker paid a visit to the city police station and registered a complaint. Hasina‘s health was checked. When the doctor was asked about her health he said ‘because of physical plus mental torture she is depressed. She needs to take rest and only then will she come back to her original healthy state.

Hasina‘s brother Baba Jaan said that after the recovery they would come to the GASS counseling center. On 18-4-2014 they came for counseling and we have conducted individual counseling sessions. After this four counseling sessions have been completed and the problem has been solved.