By: gassadm
Dec 22, 2014

Hanumakka- Wife of Rudrappa

Hanumakka- Wife of Rudrappa. Age= 54. She stays at her residence in Rajghatta Doddaballapur Taluk. The date of the case was 28-1-2014.

Lokesh, another man from the same village, was torturing Hanumakka. Right next to Hanumakka’s land there is another land. Somebody had thrown a tree into Lokesh’s land. He gave a complaint to the Panchayat saying Hanumakka did it. Compensation had to be paid by Hanumakka to Lokesh as per Panchayat rules. Still Lokesh wasn’t satisfied. After that Lokesh came to the milk diary, abused Hanumakka who had also come there with dirty words and beat her up. Then Hanumakka lodged a complaint at the rural police station in Doddaballapur. Lokesh said to her ‘you lodged a complaint against me’ and beat her up and again abused her with bad words. Hanumakka came the same day to Mahila Sahayavani. Then they were both called to GASS after issuing a notice. Lokesh was warned and asked not to behave badly and the counselors at GASS said “we’ll take serious action against you Lokesh, if you continue this’. Then Lokesh wrote on paper ‘I will not do this again- If I do then you can take action’ and signed. Then a home visit was made to Hanumakka’s residence. Hanumakka then said ‘Lokesh is not troubling me anymore. I am happy. I was scared to go to the fields first- I was scared of being murdered. I had no peace of mind. I have been helped by the women’s helpline’. The Family counselor then said ‘in the advent of any difficulty in the future call us on Mahila Sahayavani [women’s helpline]. Now be at peace, be brave and lead a happy life.