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Community Based Rehabilitation Program
By: gassadm
Apr 20, 2015

Community Based Rehabilitation Program for People with Disabilities

SPECIFIC Objective – to provide community based rehabilitation services for PwDs to ensure quality of life.

We support 2500 persons with disabilities including 500 children SINCE 2007 with different impairments in their health, habilitation, rehabilitation, education, vocational training and employment through community based services.


  • 4584 PwDs have been reached out to.
  • 48 people have undergone corrective surgery.
  • 285 people have been provided with assistive devices.
  • 550 children have been enrolled into schools.
  • 240 are provided regular therapeutic support.
  • 450 people provided daily living skills and therapy support.
  • Self employment has been facilitated for 1720 people.
  • Open employment has been provided for 345 people. 2100 people are employed totally.
  • 78 DPOs formed.
Case Studies

Ashwini a 14 year old girl with physical impairment is happy and independently going to school [9th standard] 4 kms from home with the help of a self propelled wheel chair given by GASS.