About GASS - GASS - Grameena Abyudaya Seva Samsthe

Our Vision

A world where socially, politically and economically marginalized groups are empowered to have equal opportunities, justice, peace and love, where the abundant resources are equitably shared and marginalized groups are able to enjoy their human rights, fully participate in the societal mainstream and lead a quality life.

Our Mission

To enable the groups living in rural and least served areas i.e. marginalized groups by playing a proactive and promotional role in advancing their rights.

Our Principles

Gender equity, non-discrimination, inclusive development, attention to vulnerable groups, human dignity and autonomy, equality between men and women, barrier free environment, active participation of the right holders in programme management.

Founders Of GASS

Rev. Fr. Robert Cuttino

Rev. Fr. Robert Cuttino

Mr.Gopal Naik

Mr.Gopal Naik

Grameena abyudaya Seva Samasthe [GASS] a registered society, was founded in the year 1996 by Mr.Gopal Naik and a few other visionaries under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Robert Cuttino [S.J] to serve the under privileged sections of the society focussing on education, employment, rehabilitation, social security and empowerment. As a secular, non-profit organization GASS works with the poorest of the poor in the rural communities of Tumkur, Chikballapur, Gulbarga and Bangalore Rural districts of Karnataka.

The organization has a 9-member governing body with representatives from different professions to guide the program through policy directions. The organization has a well experienced, highly committed and diverse team of staffs from grassroots right up to the management level who work under the direction and leadership of abled professionals. The day to day affairs are managed by respective units to ensure effective and quality services.

GASS Approach

The Client-Centered Approach

We mobilize each local community to find their own long-term solutions to these problems, by ensuring relevant laws and policies as also grassroots services that guarantee implementation of their rights.

What We Do

GASS’s role is that of an enabler between three groups of people – our own staff who work for us, the development organizations working for rights of PwDs, women and children at the grassroots level and people like you.

How you can take part in our work

However well-intentioned the gesture, PwDs, women and children should not become objects of our sympathy or our charity. They are citizens and subjects with the same basic rights as ours.